Gehwol Foot Cream

Foot Cream – The Professionals Choice

GEHWOL FUSSKRAFT – the right solution for every foot problem.

In 1868, in Lubbecke in the Westphalia region of Germany, the pharmacist Eduard Gerlach took over his Father Ludwig’s colonial goods store and expanded it with a drugstore.   With his drugstore, which was the first of its kind in the war zone at that time, Eduard Gerlach laid the foundation for a prospering family business, which, with the brand name GEHWOL, has obtained international recognition and has become a synonym for foot care.

Gehwol Foot Cream

Popular with Podiatrists, Chiropodists and Foot Health Practitioners, Gehwol offer an extensive foot care range in addition to a range of beautiful  moisturising hand creams.  Consistent foot care is essential to an active part of a foot health regime.  Whether you require creams for foot massage, reflexology, pedicure, dry skin on the feet or cracked heels, Gehwol will never disappoint you as part of your ongoing foot care.  Gehwol creams are also suitable for the diabetic foot.

 These foot care products include relaxing herbal bath solutions incorporating active constituents including essential oils from mountain pine, rosemary and lavender helping resolve many foot complaints. Stubborn hard skin, callouses and corns are softened thoroughly and this herbal bath is extremely suitable for rough, cracked skin on the feet.  It also has an intensive cleansing and deodorising action.

 Gehwol bamboo scrub for legs and feet include luxurious jojoba wax which gently smoothes the skin, removes skin scales and encourages circulation.  The skin is provided with nutrients and effectively protected.

 Beautiful, rich, moisturising and healing products to create your own mini home spa are available at realistic prices, for the maintenance of your feet, legs and hands keeping your foot problems under control.