Treatment for hard skin in the Dudley, Halesowen, Stourbridge and Wolverhampton areas.

What is Hard Skin (Callous/Callus)?

Hard skin or callous is due to the hardening and thickening (hyperkeratosis) of weight bearing areas on the foot under increased pressure.

Which areas of the foot are affected and why?

Commonly affected areas are the heels, balls of the foot and bony prominences, appearing as yellow or brown discolouration.

Occasionally, patients in labour intensive jobs or work that involves repetitive movements on machinery, can develop callous in uncommon areas, such as the outer edge of a toe. Bio-mechanical problems, such as flat feet (pes planus), or high arches (the cavus foot) can exert disproportionate pressure on specific areas creating a build up of thickened hardened skin.

How can you help the problem?

Having the hard skin reduced by a competent practitioner is the first step with assessment of how the problem arose initially and thereafter taking into consideration the type of footwear worn and methods to reduce the callous with self help solutions at home and regular foot care sessions with your practitioner.

Heightened discomfort would be felt when wearing thin soled shoes or high heels, whereby shock absorbing insoles would reduce discomfort. Flat feet can be supported by arch support insoles and the patient wearing high heels would benefit from wearing lower heels, restricting fashion wear to limited periods.  Wearing high heels will only increase the problem as your weight is being concentrated on the ball of the foot instead of being distributed more evenly across the sole of the foot.